Another blog about nudists. Really?

I am Dan Carlson, the author of The Meandering Naturist. I began that blog about six years ago to chronicle our naturist travels that have taken place over the past thirty years, on six continents. We’re in our mid-fifties now, but I remain hell-bent of visiting every naked place on the planet as long as the flesh is willing!

THIS BLOG… The Discerning Nudist, is dedicated to articles, blog posts, and essays written by other people that I have found to be thoughtful, if not simply thought provoking. But more about that below.

I started the original blog having grown frustrated with how much information is out there about naturism (nudism, if you wish) and social nudity that really isn’t very informative at all. Or perhaps there are a few good points on offer, but the writing is not at a level where one can’t help but call into question the perspective of the author.

At the same time, I decided early on that The Meandering Naturist would be a blog consisting of all original content. That is, I would not “reblog” reports or essays from other sources, despite the fact that I do come across some excellent reads now and again – and thus, a second blog! I will intersperse reblogs of some of my “opinion” pieces now and again as seems appropriate, but most of the content on these pages will be by other authors from a variety of sources; sometimes blogs, but also other pieces I come across¬† in various periodicals.

The mission? Thoughtful discussion about nudism and naturism, in an attempt to demystify the entire phenomenon, largely and most recently motivated by these kinds of comments found on TripAdvisor while searching for naturist beaches on the Canary Islands:




Unperturbed? Thinking back to a previous rant, Nude at 100 paces, and having since visited the beach mentioned in these reviews, I have to wonder how much effort one must go to to become perturbed by a naked person 300 meters away.

And thus, the new blog, thinking that if we can elevate the conversation beyond pubic hair, public erections, and appropriate towel usage, maybe a few more people will give a thought to naturism for what it really is, or at least what we would like it to be.

I should mention that some of the posts here are quite recent, but others go back several years, but still hold up. And lately, I’ve begun archiving the text when I post, as things can and do disappear from the internet all the time, so if you find a broken link but you’re interested in the top, Inquiry from The Discerning Nudist¬† – maybe I’ll be able to send you the transcript.

Have a suggestion for a future post on this the new blog? Send it to me here.

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