The pros and cons of growing up in a Naked House

Just stumbled into this piece that was published last summer. I think it’s refreshingly candid, straight-forward, and a compelling case for humans to get over the stigma of non-sexual nudity. So there!

Screenshot 2018-07-24 22.20.47

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8 thoughts on “The pros and cons of growing up in a Naked House

  1. Naturist. The word is naturist. Not naturalist. There’s no way to comment on her story’s page, so I’ll have to be content to post here and hope she sees it. lol!

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  2. Good article. Note that many “non-naturist” or “textile” couples and families are nude at home without belonging to a club, resort or association. Most people don’t know this.
    Also, when the economy is strong, naturism becomes more popular, as new body norms are more welcomed.

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    1. Totally agree on all counts. In fact, I think the traditional American nudist club can be somewhat antithetical to family nudity at home. Yet another blog topic. Care to be a guest author?


  3. I have done similar things. I walk the dogs many times in the wee early morning hours naked. Many times ducking behind a car or a convenient bush avoiding a passing vehicle.


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