Would you let your friends see you naked?

An interesting read from the female perspective, when a 50-something woman conquers her inhibitions – not only about nudity, but about her body in general. Not sure how this would play in the US, but it seems our British counterparts might be a bit more progressive in this arena.

Would you let your friends see you naked?

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7 thoughts on “Would you let your friends see you naked?

  1. After traveling throughout Europe and enjoying the co-ed spas, beaches and naturist B&B resorts, we’ve made our home into a comfortable place for nude hot tubing (indoors) and massage. Many friends enjoy joining us for social nudity and good health.

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  2. I don’t think it matters how slim and smooth skinned you are, the insecurities are there for all of us, especially older women! It has taken me a little while to be completely at ease in front of my partner. Now? Well, I love being nude. he has boosted my confidence in my 81 year old body!
    Love your posts!

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