Nudity and Respect

Wow! This is REALLY a heady article that should stir up a good bit of thought and discussion at your next cocktail party, IF you can make it to the end. (If you have heavy feminist leanings, I doubt you’ll make it that far!) But in any event, the author points out some intriguing dichotomies about nudity in the 21st century, and how numb we have grown to the context it which it exists. I think it’s worth the read!

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This post offers a diversion from my current topic of cultural ethics, which will be resumed soon.

A Short Story Illustrating the Glory of Nudity (Literally!)

I once took a class in Architectural Drawing during my University days. One day when it was raining, and we couldn’t go outside to draw buildings, the instructor announced that we would have a nude model come to pose for us. The mixed-gender class reacted with a lively, ruffled talk of surprise, mild agitation, and intrigue.

Many of us looked at each other with raised eyebrows and inquisitive glances. It was my first experience to draw nude models. My first thought was, “Hey! This is not architectural drawing!” My second thought was, “OMG! What is this going to be like?”

I expected that having a naked woman lounging in the classroom would be cheap and stupid. I wondered too, about how…

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      1. Lol. Happens to probly everyone using digital keyboards. If autocorrupt doesn’t get me at least once on a daily basis, my fat fingers will. And you are welcome… I enjoy your blogs.

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