I Socialize Naked

Just stumbled into this post from about five years ago while trying to formulate some similar thoughts of my own during this little ritual I like to call Naked Sunday Morning. Thought it particularly interesting to hear from a female perspective. I had to choose the Featured Image from another source, which is most definitely too naked, which means it will never be shared on Facebook.

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7 thoughts on “I Socialize Naked

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  2. Pretty much describes me. I am a nudie. Or maybe you could call me a naker. Generic term for someone who just loves to be naked. The minute you try to justify what you do, you start putting restrictions on your freedom.

    I just like being naked. I like being naked around other naked people, around clothed people, and when I’m alone. Being close to nature is a pleasant byproduct, not a justification. If something aspires to the status of being a “right” it needs no explanation or justification.

    Don’t start excluding people who aren’t like you. That is true diversity.

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  4. What a feeling, Lying naked on a delegated beach with a group of fellow nudists until the sun sets.
    Never to be forgotten. Looking forward to next year.


  5. Well, my boobs must be incredibly unhealthy! I don’t wear bras despite being 81 and a 34C. Neither do I like wearing knickers! I will wear a bra if I’m forced to, but generally I fight against it. I too love being nude as much as possible! Love the post! Thank you!

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