Getting Naked in Germany at Vabali Spa Berlin

From travel blogger MOSTLY AMELIE, comes a comprehensive review of one of new spas in Berlin, a city somewhat famous for self-indulgent opportunities and social nudity. A friend just visited the sister spa in Düsseldorf returning with glowing reports, and we plan to spend a day at thos location in Berlin later this spring. The German spa is a great place to introduce yourself or a reluctant significant other to social nudity. Give Amelie’s account a read!

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2 thoughts on “Getting Naked in Germany at Vabali Spa Berlin

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  2. I’ve been to Verbali in Berlin and Düsseldorf. The both have the same layout inside and similarities outside, with the difference owed to the landscape around. Both are fantastic, though I visited the one near Düsseldorf shortly after it opened and it was largely empty. In contrast, the two times I was at the Berlin Verbali it was pretty lively but not crowded. There was certainly more chatter taking place in Berlin and mostly by non-Germans who don’t appreciate the protocol. There were a number of non-Germans who did keep their conversation volume low to whisper but it was also interesting to watch the reaction of people who were there for the first time…and possibly in a co-ed naked spa situation for the first time.

    Both locations attract a lot of couples who appear to be there for a half-day get away. But the Berlin Verbali has more the urban single set, especially in the late afternoon/early evening. They come as groups of girls, groups of guys, mixed groups, couples and singles, etc, and may be pre-gaming before going out on the town by relaxing, getting dinner and a beer or two.

    I never saw inappropriate behavior, with the raciest thing being couples kissing (not making out) in a hot tub or as they lounged in a chair in robes. Same behavior you might see in a town square or on a park bench. Pretty tame.

    The great thing about Verbali and similar naked spas in Germany is that you can feel like you aren’t even there, even when you are there and completely naked. People don’t stare and leave you alone as long as you want to be left alone. If you approach someone to have a conversation, even when you are both nude, if you do it politely you are very likely to have a pleasant conversation. I find that they are surprised to find an American who wants to go to a naked spa. I have never had an impolite conversation in these settings.

    To sum up, I highly recommend either Verbali. Thanks for posting this.

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