Naked, with Children

Was actually about to put up a more recent post on this subject which, in the last place, I found to be so indecisive that I – as a confirmed naturist and father of three children – came away more confused than before I read it.

So I did a quick web search for “nudity and children.” Seems it’s a popular topic for Google searches, and accordingly, for columnists and child psychologists, especially in North America! That’s when I stumbled into these two posts: The second responding to the critical outrage about the first, which was a column in the New York Times. I think it’s worth while to read them both. For me, this was the critical quote…

People who know nothing about us feel confident telling me I am a creepy, incompetent, boundary-less pervert – or, at best, uninformed about the complex nature of sexuality…

So what’s up with that? People SO eager to make judgments about other people’s morality and values! People are entitled to their own opinions, but how is that relevant to those of your next door neighbor?

So here goes. Enjoy the ride!

Read 684 more words in the original post here, or…

Read the actual New York Times (857 words) piece that inspired this response. (You may have to set up a free subscription.)




Sometimes, the source material disappears into cyber-space, but I typically keep a transcript of the original. Please let me know if the link is broken, and let me know if you’d like me to send you the transcript.

8 thoughts on “Naked, with Children

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    1. Frederick…..Mazo Beach!! there……every walk of of life, every color, every age,.communal cookouts and camping!! It was.glorious…..until the Religious ‘Right’ got imvolved!


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