What Nudism is Really Like

Found this post as a Retweet from @carley_sudlow, which led me back to the University of Washington student newspaper, where a talented young author named Charlotte Houston wrote the startlingly insightful analysis of why people engage in social nudity – with a little help from her friends in the Psychology Department. One of my favorite quotes goes right for the jugular…

If there’s something that does seem to be true about nudists, it’s that they are shameless. Though this can be thrown around as an insult, it actually seems admirable, as it’s freeing them from the norms that bind us. The norms that make us want to shave off weight and hair, cover up wrinkles and all the other “flaws” that advertisements tuck away.

As a person who hangs around university-age humans, I think this provides yet another important thread of evidence that social nudity may, indeed, have a future – with a sense of renewal and clarity that is very much lacking in today’s chaotic world.

Image attribution: Instagram – @rachelcraneb

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Sometimes, the source material disappears into cyber-space, but I typically keep a transcript of the original. Please let me know if the link is broken, and let me know if you’d like me to send you the transcript.

5 thoughts on “What Nudism is Really Like

      1. Thanks for reading my blog!

        Curious. Have seen you “profile” in a couple places, and you commonly use nudist and exhibitionist in the same phrase. Most nudists/naturists try to separate those from one another. Would be interested in your thoughts about that, as would my readers, I think. Is exhibitionism an inherent counterpart of nudism?


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