Why Germany’s nudist culture remains refreshing

So as best I can tell, dw.com is an on-line magazine dedicated to helping ex-pats, especially Brits, understand life and culture in Germany. In this installment, they take on the cultural norms surrounding social nudity in Deutschland, along with a brief history thereof. An embedded slideshow walks you through the last one-hundred years of naked in Germany, and a video at the bottom of the post gives you a crash course in spa etiquette, just in case you don’t know enough German to translate the words “Texteil Frei.”

It’s a good piece, acknowledging that while the nudist days of the past may be over and done, the ever-growing spa culture has Germans from all walks of life asking the big question. “Why on earth would I wear a swimsuit for that?” Good point. Well taken.

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Sometimes, the source material disappears into cyber-space, but I typically keep a transcript of the original. Please let me know if the link is broken, and let me know if you’d like me to send you the transcript.

4 thoughts on “Why Germany’s nudist culture remains refreshing

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  3. Europe in general is more open minded in the naturist realm. All those Bad (bath) towns known for the waters, steam and a healthy damptbad..the Germans .French, Italians hell yeah and no shame as it should be. Here in the states it a bit hypocritical in the myth that its all about sex. One gets over that as you enter a beach as it’s just people enjoying the freedom of sans clothing


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