Naturism & Exhibitionism: Enemies or First Cousins?

First posted this on my personal blog, The Meandering Naturist, back in 2016. The article bounces someplace between sarcastic and snarky, but the author raises some thoughtful points, along with a bit of insight from Phillip Carr-Gomm. Hope you think it’s a good read.

Some people dismiss streakers, naked protesters and even nudists and life models as ‘exhibitionists’ without fully appreciating that we are all, to a greater or lesser extent, motivated by exhibitionism. We learn to be that way in order to stay alive. A baby needs to be seen and to be noticed by its mother, and […]

Naturism & Exhibitionism: Enemies or First Cousins? — The Meandering Naturist

2 thoughts on “Naturism & Exhibitionism: Enemies or First Cousins?

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