Should Naturists Be More Assertive?

I think the Thoughtful Naturist is one of the most intelligent voices on naturism on the web right now, particularly in this piece where he reconciles his own feelings about embracing his proclivity for naturism. In doing so, he finds that most people are more accepting of social nudity than one might thing… at least in the UK. I don’t know if this would stand up to the “Standards for Prudery in the United States” test, but as the author notes, you simply don’t know unless you put yourself out there. A compelling argument.

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Sometimes, the source material disappears into cyber-space, but I typically keep a transcript of the original. Please let me know if the link is broken, and let me know if you’d like me to send you the transcript.

5 thoughts on “Should Naturists Be More Assertive?

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  2. “…secrecy breeds suspicion which increases the desire for secrecy, a never ending cycle” is pretty hard to argue with. Naturists are perhaps our own worst enemies in that regard. I’m very open about my love of being naked, including posting photos on my blog that, while discrete, make it clear that I’m wearing nothing but a backpack.

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  3. The past few months a number of our life models, in our weekly Drawing Group, stated they were too cold to disrobe or felt the need to wear a sweater, sweat pants or a t-shirt. Twice I disrobed during the break and let the group draw me. One time this motivated the model to disrobe, another time, two other artists volunteered to model.

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    1. Maybe a bit off topic, but as a life model and drawer myself I’m surprised and concerned by your comment. Firstly, if the models are really too cold, your group is not providing them with the enviromnment they need. If your group continues doing this, then word will get around among the models and you won’t be able to get them to come. You need to invest in a heater.
      The other possibility is that there is something or someone in your group who is making them uncomfortable. Ask some questions, and deal with whatever problem might araise.The model is actually the most important person in the room and needs to be treated with all curtesy and respect. Life drawing implies nudity for the model, and life models all know this and usually disrobe accordingly. If not there is something wrong!


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