Bodies for Sale

Fridays have become “Discerning Nudist Day,” where I post thoughtful pieces by other authors related to social nudity.

This piece by a brilliant young writer speaks to the commodification of bodies and how that plays into the psychology of why just about anyone with even a hint of self-awareness may not be eager to participate in pay-to-play social nudity, including gate fees to nudist parks. And conversely, he makes a compelling case for those who have put up paywalls as if to say, “If anyone is going to make money from my nakedness, it may as well be me.” A really thought provoking read.

[W]e should not be surprised that more young people are not jumping through hoops to engage in social nudity in remote communities, driving hours and paying gate fees in order to gain access to a space where they can be relieved of the social expectations of the clothed world. Young people might not accept that the solution to the commodification of the body is to pay to access spaces where we can be free of that pressure.

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Sometimes, the source material disappears into cyber-space, but I typically keep a transcript of the original. Please let me know if the link is broken, and let me know if you’d like me to send you the transcript.

One thought on “Bodies for Sale

  1. Nudity in person is a much more “dangerous” situation than nudity in a picture or screen. It comes down to physical separation, real vs. virtual.

    We live in an ocean of textile sensibilities. If they think social nudity is just sexual exhibition run rampant, that’s how they’ll react. Even though nudism is not inherently sexual, public acceptance of it may well depend on the most virulently anti-sexual elements in society losing influence.

    And that is what happened in Europe. A couple of centuries ago Europe managed to dump most of the more fundamentalist people off to America. That left them more “secular humanist” and us more “fundamentalist.”

    Liberal attitudes about sexuality inevitably lead to liberal attitudes towards nudity. But there is hope here because we don’t have a single set of laws across the country and the constitution does place limits on what the feds can require. States and local governments are free to legislate on nudity as they wish. I suggest voting with your feet to the least repressive areas. Not as easy thing to do… but freedom never comes cheap or without sacrifice.

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