Letter of Recommendation: Naturism

While maybe leaning to a bit to the esoteric extreme, it is refreshing to see this recent commentary from the New York Times giving a somewhat muted endorsement for naturism. What is most pleasing, actually, is the author made it through the entire piece avoiding all the typical puns and stereotypish gags about social nudity, […]

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6 Reasons to Spend More Time Naked

Written from a female perspective, this journalist says you’ll not even feel healthier with some daily naked time, but happier as well. The author is a registered nurse and columnist for Healthline. Positive and persuasive. View original post: approximately 800 more words FOR MORE RATIONAL THOUGHTS ABOUT SOCIAL NUDITY, VISIT MY OTHER BLOG: THE MEANDERING NATURIST

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I Socialize Naked

Just stumbled into this post from about five years ago while trying to formulate some similar thoughts of my own during this little ritual I like to call Naked Sunday Morning. Thought it particularly interesting to hear from a female perspective. I had to choose the Featured Image from another source, which is most definitely […]

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