Take It Off: 7 Struggles Of Being A Nudist In A World Full Of Clothes

I’m hoping Fridays will become “Discerning Nudist Day,” where I’ll resume the practice of posting thoughtful pieces by other authors related to social nudity. This piece is an interesting foray in that direction. It’s a few years old, but I particularly appreciate that the author is female. She is quite forthright about casual nudity, even […]

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… We’re a Naked House

It’s always refreshing to hear a mom speak out about the virtues of a relaxed environment regarding nudity around the household, and this mom – also journalist – does so particularly eloquently. Seems the jury is still out as to whether the “naked house” will survive adolescence, but it seems like they’re off to a […]

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Naked, with Children

Was actually about to put up a more recent post on this subject which, in the last place, I found to be so indecisive that I – as a confirmed naturist and father of three children – came away more confused than before I read it. So I did a quick web search for “nudity […]

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Letter of Recommendation: Naturism

While maybe leaning to a bit to the esoteric extreme, it is refreshing to see this recent commentary from the New York Times giving a somewhat muted endorsement for naturism. What is most pleasing, actually, is the author made it through the entire piece avoiding all the typical puns and stereotypish gags about social nudity, […]

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6 Reasons to Spend More Time Naked

Written from a female perspective, this journalist says you’ll not even feel healthier with some daily naked time, but happier as well. The author is a registered nurse and columnist for Healthline. Positive and persuasive. View original post:¬†approximately 800 more words FOR MORE RATIONAL THOUGHTS ABOUT SOCIAL NUDITY, VISIT MY OTHER BLOG: THE MEANDERING NATURIST

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