Should Naturists Be More Assertive?

I think the Thoughtful Naturist is one of the most intelligent voices on naturism on the web right now, particularly in this piece where he reconciles his own feelings about embracing his proclivity for naturism. In doing so, he finds that most people are more accepting of social nudity than one might thing… at least […]

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I Socialize Naked

Just stumbled into this post from about five years ago while trying to formulate some similar thoughts of my own during this little ritual I like to call Naked Sunday Morning. Thought it particularly interesting to hear from a female perspective. I had to choose the Featured Image from another source, which is most definitely […]

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Dress code: When less is more

Despite leading out with the use of the antiquated term, “nudist colony,” I’m always appreciative when a mainstream blogger writes thoughtfully about naturism. In this case, she quotes a naturist friend who observes that nudity is “just another dress code.” A great piece to offset all the hype out there that leads the masses to […]

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