Being Naked and Unashamed

When posting to this blog, I try to alternate between pieces by other excellent bloggers, and those that appear in one form or another of mainstream media. The only common denominator is that the writing should be thoughtful, persuasive, and intelligible. I was not familiar with the online publication called Patheos before stumbling into this […]

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In an effort to publish more frequently on this blog, I’m hoping to feature other naturist blogs that are really getting it right – where the writing is coherent and moves beyond the typical admonitions about sitting on a towel. Sam and Aleah began “Our Natural Blog” about a year and a half ago, partially […]


I Socialize Naked

Just stumbled into this post from about five years ago while trying to formulate some similar thoughts of my own during this little ritual I like to call Naked Sunday Morning. Thought it particularly interesting to hear from a female perspective. I had to choose the Featured Image from another source, which is most definitely […]

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Naked and Unafraid

Was a bit reluctant to post this one, as I think the “traditional nudist camp” experience can be a bit hit and miss -most recently, more of a miss than a hit. But I always appreciate a good write-up on social nudity in the mainstream media – in this case, The Charleston City paper. The […]

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Nudity and Respect

Originally posted on Σ Frame:
Targeted Readership: All This post offers a diversion from my current topic of cultural ethics, which will be resumed soon. A Short Story Illustrating the Glory of Nudity (Literally!) I once took a class in Architectural Drawing during my University days. One day when it was raining, and we couldn’t go…

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OMG! You’ve Seen me Naked!

Have enjoyed a lot of good airplay on this post that wrote last winter. Thought it would be worth adding to the discussion here on the Discerning Nudist. The Meandering Naturist I just clicked through on a quirky piece on a Second Life blog with a series of naturist photos and a compelling case about […]

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