Why are we Hiding?

This excellent blog post hit home in a big way. The authors make an excellent point that hiding your face when posting about normalising naturism is actually antithetical to the cause of…normalising naturism. Personally, I use a pseudonym while blogging, and exercise caution regarding facial recognition, as an important tenet of my job involves working […]

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Encouraging Women into Naturism

If you haven’t already discovered this most excellent blog, you need to add it to your reading list. I think my favorite quote is, “There is no greater way to put someone off anything than forcing it on them, and forceful persuasion is as bad as coercion.” The fine line that lies between enthusiasm and […]

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… We’re a Naked House

It’s always refreshing to hear a mom speak out about the virtues of a relaxed environment regarding nudity around the household, and this mom – also journalist – does so particularly eloquently. Seems the jury is still out as to whether the “naked house” will survive adolescence, but it seems like they’re off to a […]

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Where are the Young Nudists?

I’ve been mired in a discussion around this topic on the subreddit:nudism, which has become something of an endless loop, as a handful of us regulars toss around speculative theories while watching the median age at most nudist venues grow increasingly skewed by, shall we say, the more seasoned members of the human race. By […]

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